Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

We're handing out Reese's, because they're delicious.

So over 2 months have passed since I actually finished and published a post here. It somehow didn't feel like that long until I saw Christmas decorations in Home Depot. In this time, I've finished my 3-month gate guard rotation and experienced some significant professional developments at work. It's a bit more engaging and professional now; email me if you want further details.

Part of this work change involved me being "in the field" for 10 days recently. I won't bore you with the details therein, but the time spent not commuting was sorely needed for the bike. I was able to leave Bonnie at Grove Cycles the whole time without terribly inconveniencing Sarah. Because I ride rain or shine, the level of tread on my rear tire was getting dangerously low to handle the quick and violent rainstorms that Texas sometimes throws at me. I ended up choosing Continental ContiGO! on the advice that it's long-lasting and good for riding in the rain. Middle-range in price and felt solid on the ride home. I also had them install the new rear brake rotor and pads I had bought way back in march after my little crash. They also sorted out my confounding turn signal issue, so that's nice.

I'll try to post more often.
Odometer: 8828