Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Kindle Post

First thing: I will not be going to Louisiana for 30 days with the rest of my company for JRTC (Joint Regional Training Center, I think).  I have no idea what they'll have us doing while the rest of the company is gone.  In-processing has been tedious and full of breaks.  After arriving we were quickly shuffled off to our units for the four-day holiday weekend.  Our units were not really expecting us since most of the companies' members were still on leave from Christmas and such.  We were given rooms and quickly put on a four-day pass with the rest of the base.  On Monday we resumed in-processing paperwork, but the short workdays for the medical and office workers limited the progress we could make.  Tuesday and Wednesday were even less productive with inconvenient scheduling of information briefings and our low priority amongst the supervising sergeants' many tasks (prepping equipment and personnel for JRTC especially).  Interestingly, one of the Drill Sergeants from my training company is my platoon sergeant here.  I didn't know him in Missouri since he was in a different platoon and transferred here in September, but he recognized my name from the roster.

My barracks living quarters are pretty nice.  I have an NCO's room with my own bathroom and no roomate (yet).  I have room to hang my hammock from the front door jam to the bathroom door jam.  The building is near a nice dining facility and about a twenty minute walk from the company offices.  However, the lady from the housing management office told us that we are in overflow housing and we'll probably move within a month.  I already ordered something to this address and UPS has failed to connect with me, so it's probably best to wait until I move or get more instruction on how to recieve mail.

The 3G and Wifi are variable but I can eventually recieve emails, weblog comments, and facebook messages through the Kindle.  I have used it as a mobile web platform just as much as I have for reading books.  I finished my first Kindle_book over the weekend and found it easy and comfortable to read.

Typing this on the Kindle has been kinda slow going, but better than having someone looking over my shoulder at he USO.  It's impossible to copy/paste links here, though.  I hope everyone had a happy new year and going back to work or class isn't too arduous.  

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