Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Driving, Goats, and Delirium Nocturnum

We had a 4-day weekend and I borrowed a car to take a friend up to the Dallas/Fort-Worth airport so he could fly home for a few days.  Since I was already on the road, I also decided to visit a Pennsylvania friend at her internship at a goat dairy.  Texas is a big place, and the Mia Bella Farm is no where near Dallas, but I bought a map and made it work.  It was great to visit Carrie and see how the farm operation runs.  Socialized goats are very friendly as were the cats and labradors.  The Rhodesian Ridgebacks were less enthusiastic about meeting me, but they recently had puppies.  Part of the visit involved traveling a short way to Houston to sell goat-products (mostly cheese, but yogurt and kefir too) at a farmers' market in the city.  It was a fun experience to see all of the produce and craftspeople who make/harvest it and a refreshing difference from the chow hall and prepackaged/preserved lifestyle here at Fort Hood.

I have a growing list of beers I have tried in the last two months, but I cannot get them from my laptop to here easily with the Wifi failures and external device restrictions around base.  Instead, I think I will type up one per day via Kindle and try to put some regular content up here.

The first will be the tasty Delirium Nocturnum from Huyghe Brewery, Belgium.  It's a Belgian tripel, dark ale with complex flavorings.  I had it a while ago and did not take good notes (which is why I'm doing it first), but it was very good and I have a second bottle waiting patiently in my fridge for the right evening.


  1. Oh man, I just flew out of DFW this morning. So clooooose.

    I love goats. They make cheerful noises and tasty milk.

    Where is this beer on the bitterness spectrum?

  2. Probably less than 20 IBU. I'm not Hop-Head like BC and stay away from the imperial stouts and IPAs in general. The taste i complex, but I definitely get an apricot vibe. Good drinkin'.

    Yes the goat make strange noises. When they are super pregnant, as many of them were at this time of year, they make a wheezing creaking sound like old wooden furniture.

    What were you doing in Texas?