Thursday, February 24, 2011

Shotguns, Golden Wheat, and sundries.

Today I went to the shotgun range for the morning.  I had a pump-action Mossberg 500 with a pistol grip but we were just practicing on 30 meter silhouettes.  It was fun, though.
The afternoon was spent in a safety brief on the perils of riding motorcycles.

The beer review for the day is the unglamorous Budweiser Golden Wheat.  A departure from my general focus on local, craft, and micro-breweries, this is an interesting product and ad campaign from the original macrobrew.  I at least appreciate that they are upfront about it instead of being sneaky like Coors' secret relationship with the Blue Moon Brewing Company.  The beer itself is very drinkable, citrus and honey flavors added.  Goes down easy and there not much to complain about.

My address here is as follows:
PFC McPherson
Cco 2STB 2BCT 1st Cavalry
Battalion Avenue
Fort Hood, Texas 76544

...some of my mail was delayed because the senders misspelled or didn't copy it down correctly.

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  1. Can we do a post together when I'm visiting about Wild Blue? ;)