Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekend, Wedding, and Shiner Bock

The weekend began with a Friday night Mexican Barbecue which unfortunately had more food that people attending.  Dissappointing for those hosting the event, but I appreciated the extra helpings of beef and guacamole on my tacos.

Saturday was the birthday of one of my squadmate's kids.  She was turning 3 and the other families in the platoon were all invited over for a cookout and festivities.  I bought play-doh for the birthday girl, but I think the "adults" enjoyed it more than she did.  It was fun and interesting to see the spouses and children of the folks I go to work with every day.

I bought my tickets to come back to Pennsylvania today.  After a lot of fuss and making and breaking plans, we have found that the only way for Sarah and I to get married and in-processed before I deploy for Iraq is to have a courthouse wedding when she visits Texas over her spring break.  Unfortunately, not many people will be able to be here for the ceremony.  We are instead planning on having dinner for the immediate family the following week in Pittsburgh and a large, boisterous reception sometime in 2012 for us to celebrate with friends and family and finally start our lives together.

Shiner Bock is an instituion here in Texas.  I have heard that it is impossible to find for sale outside of the lone star state because they don't believe in exporting.  I'm not sure if this is a true bock, but it is lightly hopped with a considerable amount of carbonation and a smooth, slightly sweet finish.  The company suffers from the same sort of branding confusion as Yuengling where the success and omnipresence of their flagship product makes ordering any of their other interesting styles or small-batch experiments an issue for an unknowedgeable waitress or bartender.

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  1. Hey it's good to hear that you have wedding plans set, even if they're not ideal. Take pictures! And again, congratulations!

    Here's a link to my favorite wedding-related website:
    I think you'll enjoy it.

    - Val

  2. I'll still be in Texas; if there is going to be a ceremony I could probably make it.