Wednesday, March 9, 2011

In-processing a wife & Negra Modelo

So those are the rings.  We will probably do a better photo shoot at some later time.  Things have been pretty busy around here since monday because of  army in-processing.  Sarah's part of the in-processing has gone very smoothly, but my end (with the company/battalion) has been much more involved.  Company policy seems to be much more strict than the actual on-post housing policies and it is frustrating to get advice and information from different people following different policies.  Because of such policies, we will be taking a later flight to Pittsburgh and I will (shortly) be moving out of the barracks. 
After composing the previous entry, Sarah and I went out to eat dinner at a fun mexcian restaurant in town.  They make guacamole for you right at your table and the the food was great (the diablo corn is very accurately named).  With the meal I enjoyed a Negra Modelo with lime.  Now, I don't think the lime is really necessary (compared with it's lighter brother, the oft-skunked Corona), but it's a complimentary flavor.  But I think the flavor stands on its own without trying to be more than it is.  What it is, is drinkable, maltier, and more flavorful than your average mexican beer. The label calls it a dark ale, but everything I've read calles it a dunkel lager.  Maybe a translation issue?  I would get it again.

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