Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Army's Birthday & Ommegang Witte

The US Army turned 236 today, which is amusingly older than our country.  10 companies of riflemen were approved by the Continental Congress in 1775 along with assuming responsibility for existing forces mustered by local and colonial government throughout New England and New York.  Sometimes I forget the genealogy of this service I spend my days a part of.  Organization and rank must have been much more flexible then.  No cake or any special ceremony or acknowledgement here, but a fun fact nonetheless.

While there is no Kindle service anywhere in Iraq, I can still buy new books through the computer and load them by USB.  We have about the same amount of downtime, but I am reading less on the Kindle thanks to the near-constant internet access and the real-time options it offers.  It's nice to be able to do searches and read the news again.  I am still missing a duffel bag that I packed way back in early April, but it is probably hiding on the base somewhere.  The day it was packed away was not the best display of Army synergy or organization so I am not terribly surprised.  Luckily, I have plenty of uniforms and such even if it doesn't turn up.

This is a “Belgian-Style Wheat Ale” brewed by the folks at Ommegang up in Cooperstown, New York.  They take their beer seriously and have formal relations with high-pedigree Belgian operations.  Despite the brewery's care and professional attitude, I was underwhelmed by this witbier.  It was bright and drinkable, but not worth the specialty price and swanky bottle when compared to all the other coriander and citrus wheat ales available.

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