Monday, September 5, 2011

A satisfied T100 owner

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If I won a contest to have any production bike waiting for me when I return from deployment, it would have to be a Green/New England White Bonneville T100 with fuel injection.  I may flirt with the Scrambler and off-road or adventure style accessories, but for my anticipated use and stylistic inclinations the T100 is hard to beat. is an impressive photoblog from a guy who uses his Bonneville as a daily driver around the island.  You can read the post on how he went from riding a Vespa to a Bonneville Here.  The blog itself makes me jealous since it's exactly the sort of riding I'd like to do on the bike I'd like to do it on.  Well, very nearly; he has a '06 or '07 all-green, carbureted T100 and I'd rather ride in the mountains with a passenger than touristy tropics.

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  1. Scrambler is just a bad name for a lot of things, especially a motorcycle. You do not want there to be any scrambling when it comes to riding a bike I imagine. And also scrambled eggs is not how you want to turn out from riding one.