Monday, October 24, 2011

Mail and a Presidential Announcement

I have been hearing some contradictory things about mail right now.  For example, I was first told mail would be shuttled up to us until we leave.  I found out that the last day for outgoing mail was the 12th, on the 13th.  Later it filtered down that all mail postmarked after the 14th of October would held for us in Kuwait.  Two days ago we received a big load of mail, but none of it seems to be for my company.  I doubt anyone knows for sure, especially considering how plans and schedules to leave the country may be changed:
Photo from CBS News, AP/Susan Walsh
Many of you probably noticed that recently President Obama said that All US troops will be out of Iraq by the end of the year and "home for the holidays."  Pretty exciting to hear from the commander-in-chief himself, but unfortunately, I have not heard the same through concrete Army channels.  Our orders have not changed yet but then if/when they do, I'll probably be one of the last to know.  As of right now, I expect to be back in the United States for the Superbowl (first week of February for you non-football types), but I have no specifics concerning dates or the amount of leave we will be allowed to take.

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