Monday, December 12, 2011

Progress in Kuwait and one that got away

Turning in more equipment here in Kuwait.  We had a bit of a dust storm yesterday; nothing like the big summer ones back in Iraq, but it still cut down visibility and put grit in my teeth.

As some of you may know, earlier this week I made a deposit on a used motorcycle for sale in Texas. I’m not going to post it here yet because the deal is not finished, but they are going to hold it until I return to America and I’m excited to inspect the bike in person. Independent of that potential sale, my Army Basic Riders Course will begin the week after Christmas. It feels good to be making real progress on my desire to ride after months of shopping/anticipation.

However, this is not the first bike I’ve started to pursue while still deployed. Back in October I came across this beautiful 2005 Bonneville T100 on the Austin, Texas Craigslist page.
More photos at this Picasa page
I thought it was overpriced, but worth a chance to find out more and maybe haggle.  The seller never wrote back to me and the listing has since been taken down; I imagine it was on its way to a new home before I ever inquired. Still, I’ve kept one picture in rotation as my desktop background because a) it’s eye-candy but also b) it’s a reminder that such used gems do come up in classified ads if you keep an eye out.

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