Monday, January 2, 2012

First Real Motorcycle Monday

Sarah broke the news already, but this deserves some special attention.
Back in December, I was browsing the used motorcycles listed online for every dealership in Texas Google could  find.  This was how I came across the Royal Enfield in Dallas, but two days later I found a more exciting used bike in Austin.
It's a 2007 Bonneville with goodwood green paint, a brown sixty8 seat, factory saddlebag kit, windshield options and a mere 831 miles on the odometer.  This was the only picture posted, and after some brief deliberation decided to contact the dealer.  Since it was for sale on consignment, they could only hold it for me with a deposit.  I made arrangements to pay it from Kuwait with my card, but the 2 weeks they'd promised to hold it would expire shortly after we were scheduled to return to Texas.

Well Sarah and I got down to see it before the 2 weeks were over and I finally got to inspect and sit on it.  It wasn't as pristine as internet shots and the odometer suggested, but still good value and pretty much exactly what I was looking for in model, age, color, and options.  The dealership folks and owner were understanding about my lack of license and Army riding requirements, so the let me send a check and were willing hold the bike until I could go pick it up and ride back to Temple.  Well the beginners' course I had signed up for in Kuwait was apparently grossly overbooked and most of my company was bumped.  I was told I could take the class January 9th, but when I followed up on that, it seems I won't be able to take the class provided by Ft. Hood until sometime in February.

Frustrating, but there are lots of people returning from deployments trying to take classes.  Luckily, I got a friend of mine in the unit who has a motorcycle trailer to drive down with me to get it last Wednesday.  I don't know how to ride yet, but the bike is finally sitting in our garage here.

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