Monday, February 27, 2012

Pinterest & Turn Signals

Obliquely motorcycle-related, I've been pinning things I find interesting on Pinterest for a while now. It began as fascination with this new webservice that Sarah was using to help collect and organize wedding links and inspiration. Well I don't use it for that, and my interests are in the gross minority of what most users choose to pin, but I've found it to be a handy and flexible service. I use it as a newsfeed of images of things I'm interested in and populate my own boards like a scrapbook of images (and their corresponding links) for my projects and interests. The first was to visually organize all the links and styles of women's motorcycle jackets I've come across in my quest to find the perfect riding jacket for Sarah. Familiarity with the service lead to organizing boards for cool motorcycle and cabin architecture images out there.

I like turn signals. For turning, for lane changes, it's good to telegraph your intentions to pedestrians and other motorists. Unfortunately, signalling is not so common here in Texas, especially around the base.  I have choice words for certain people almost every time I take the car out. A certain blue cobalt very nearly hit me earlier because it failed to signal earlier today. My feelings as expressed by Shoot 'Em Up (caution: swears)

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