Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saint Patrick's Day & Grand Cru

Happy Saint Patrick's day!
I know Austin will be full of rowdy celebration today, but after our trip yesterday, I'm content to stay at home. Temple is pretty calm and doesn't seem to be celebrating outwardly.  Our plans for the day are vague, but should involve finally doing laundry, making Shepherd's Pie for dinner, and Bushmills.

Grand Cru
I really enjoyed this limited production Belgian-style ale from North Coast Brewery. It's got some Irish styling on the bottle, but it's brewed in California with agave and aged in bourbon barrels. Certainly an immigrant medley that could only come about in America. I found it crisp, even-tempered, and slightly sweet. I drank it at room temperature from my Chimay chalice ant it was tasty and accessible from the first pour. Definitely a winner for me.

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