Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It's been a while

...and I've been busy.  With both tangible, important things like traveling, the wedding reception, and work as well as nonsense like personal projects, relaxation, and getting enough sleep to function.  Each day is filled with big and little things that have to be done and it seems like actually finishing a post keeps getting pushed off.

Sleep is a funny thing; I think most people don't have to give it too much thought.  But when you've got 7 hours between when you leave work and when you have to report back (and a half-hour ride between work and home) it starts to become a pressing issue.

I got an LG Lucid over the weekend. I think I may have been a salesman's dream, being woefully ignorant, but somewhat eager to get the upgrade process over with.

For a while I was known in the Platoon as "the beer blogger" after certain folks discovered this website.  It seems sad that I've strayed from that considering how I've continued to accumulate bottle photos Sarah had kindly taken for me. So here we go: some time ago I got a sampler 12-pack of True Blonde Ale, ESB Special Ale, and Modus Hoperandi IPA by Ska Brewing Co.  It was on sale at Spec's and how could I say no to Ska on sale?

Modus Hoperandi - My least favorite, but seemingly spot-on as a well-executed IPA.
ESB Special Ale - Doubly special?  This style is growing on me; hoppier character than I would think I'd enjoy, but still smooth and balanced.
True Blonde - Nothing bad to report, but nothing particularly memorable either.  I think the word marketing executives use is "drinkability."  Sounds about right.

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