Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Beginning

New year, new state, new job, new engagement.
New obligations and tribulations.  New opportunities and adventures.
Time for a new weblog I think.

I can’t make any promises on post regularity or content, but I can give a summary of my life at the moment and topics I’ve the urge to write about.

I am a Private First Class recently graduated from One Station Unit Training as a 12B Combat Engineer.  On the 27th of December I arrived at my first duty station: Fort Hood, Texas.  I’ve been assigned to 1st Cavalry, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, Special Troops Battalion.  I‘d like to share whatever training and deployment news I can as well as general musings about army life, the military, and related topics (with as little military jargon as I can).

I am also recently engaged to be married to a beautiful girl named Sarah.  However, my fiancé has another semester left at the University of Pittsburgh and I have my Army obligations, so no date or details are set.  Even if you know me personally, please don’t take anything posted here as definitive or official wedding news.  We’ll use facebook and the regular old post office for that.

Reviews.  I will try and review things I have personal experience with such as issued and personal-purchase military gear, camping equipment, and programs and applications for my Kindle.  Maybe some books and music as well.

Another type of review I intend to do here is more for my benefit than readers’.  I received some books about beer for Christmas and I think I should be more deliberate about trying different beers and determining my personal tastes.  My general preferences: Brown ales, Pale Belgian ales, and Amber lagers.  Most recently I had a 22oz Maudite from Unibroue for New Years eve.  It was excellent.  A sipping/savoring beer, of course, and rather strong at 8% ABV, but rich and complex in flavor.  A subtle and pleasant taste of pineapple lingers on the palate.

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