Thursday, March 17, 2011

Saint Patrick's 4-Day Pass & Harp Lager

Surprise 4-day pass, perhaps in honor of Saint Patrick?  I can only guess. If only someone had told me, then maybe I could have made plans.

Today's review sort of honors the holiday with a look at Harp Lager.  Most folks know Harp as the bottom half of a traditional Black and Tan.  The Imported Harp available this time of year is 'imported from Canada' from 'an Irish recipe.'  Unfortunately, it's no more Irish than Killian's "Irish Red" (made by Coors in Colorado).  The taste itself is very underwhelming.  A bit more skunky/hops character than an american lager, but really nothing special.  I won't be getting this again, unless I can find some that was actually brewed in Ireland.

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  1. Looking at the fancy brews available in Wegman's today and thinking of you! Wish there were a Scottish holiday.