Saturday, June 25, 2011

Caturday and Wrath of Khan

Darwin and Huxley sleeping on the floor in Sarah's new apartment.  Sarah and I decided to trade post topics today, with me posting a Saturday picture of the cats and her reviewing a craft beer.  What a crazy mix-up; I hope you are not too confused.

In other news, folks in my unit have begun receiving mail, so you can send me things if you wish.  Just ask if you want my address or if you think what you're sending may be contraband.  Do not send me booze.

I suppose the post title gives it away, but today I found a DVD of Wrath of Khan for a mere $3 at the Post exchange (PX) here.  Naturally I snatched that up.  The Moby Dick references were lost on me the first time I watched it.

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