Sunday, July 24, 2011

Temperature & Ugly Pug

Forgive me for being unsympathetic to the "golly gee it's hot" statuses and posts from folks back in the states. Yes, I know the dry-vs-humid argument, but you're not wearing boots/cargo pants/overshirt or, as occasions warrant, gloves or body armor either.

This is a Schwarzbier from the Fort Worth brewery Rahr & Sons.  They've only been around since 2004, but seem to be making a splash in the Texan craft beer community.  This wasn't bad, but I felt it was over-roasted in comparison to Shiner Black.  Unfortunate for them because most establishments that carry this will also have Shiner, so I'm afraid I wont be getting it again.  I look forward to trying their other styles, though.
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