Thursday, November 17, 2011

Army Terms to Know Part IV

AO: Area of Operations
PX: Post Exchange. The military Wal-Mart.
AKO: Army Knowledge Online.  The portal for Email, online courses, and HR records.
ADO: Army Direct Ordering.  Uniform replacements and such you can order while deployed.  The is an allotment per month that you can spend, but it does not roll over.
EOF: Escalation of Force
ROE: Rules of Engagement
FRG: Family Readiness Group
MOS: Military Occupational Specialty.  Basically your role/trade/job in the military.
PLB: Personnel Locator Beacon
APFU: Army Physical Fitness Uniform
ECWS: Extreme Cold Weather System
PALS: Pouch Attachment Ladder System
UCMJ: Universal Code of Military Justice
AAFES: Army & Air Force Exchange Service.  Operates PXs, barbers, and the like.
ALICE: All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment.  The system of harness, pouches, and rucksacks used from the middle of Vietnam to the present.  I used a medium ALICE pack for my initial training at Leonard Wood, but it's largely been phased out in favor of
MOLLE: Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment.  New integrated system using PALS and plastic frames for rucksacks.

I still don't have any concrete date for my return to the US or when I'll be released from Fort Hood on leave.  However I have turned in my PLB, Night vision goggles, and exchanged my M249 squad automatic weapon for a dainty (in comparison) M16 rifle.  Good signs, I suppose.  The Wifi access in the tent I'm living in is still terrible, but there is an MWR not too far away so I can check email regularly.

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