Monday, February 25, 2013

Riding in the wind

So I've rode the bike in the rain many times now. Hard rain, soft rain, warm rain, cold rain.
Pictured: Not Me. Photo (and good article) from
But until today I never really rode in the Wind. Capital W. The Bonneville is not a big bike, but my voluminous saddlebags and windshield really increase the surface area. After getting home I found out we're in a severe weather warning: "25 to 35 mph with gusts in excess of 50 mph." I'm not sure if it was that strong earlier, but the wind off Belton Lake was memorable. I'm definitely glad that I got a new front tire on Thursday.

The stock Metzler had finally worn close to bald and I had intended to get a ContiGo to match my back tire, buuut the good folks at Grove Cycle had a Michelin Commander II in the right size lurking on the shelf. It was a bit more expensive, but they were able to put it on immediately and I got to hang out at the shop with some Vietnam veterans. There are so many Veterans' riding clubs, maybe I'll find one wherever Sarah and I settle down.

Odometer: 12295

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