Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Basketball and Blackened Voodoo Lager

Convenient, pay-as-you-go wireless internet will be shutting off at some point in the near future.  I don't know if the phone or computer banks on base will still be operating or if I'll simply be out of touch again.

I'm not good at Basketball.  As an altitude-disadvantaged youth, I actively avoided the sport and related skills.  Despite going to Pitt, I never went to a game at the Pete or owned a Zoo t-shirt.  Most of what I know about the rules and strategy comes from watching Space Jam.
Nevertheless, I've been playing a lot more basketball here than I have since middle school gym class.  This began as mandatory squad PT, just a break from cardio machines and weightlifting.  It was good to do something not army-related as a group, even though there was a wide range of skill levels and experience and almost zero penalties called.  Since then I have occasionally stepped up to make even teams in non-mandatory games, but that can be less fun with pick-up game egos and such.  Mostly, I cannot shoot or dribble, so I'm only really useful alongside people who can.  That way I can focus on finesse defense, rebounds, and passing.  I don't know if my techniques would be legal in a normal game, but it works well enough here.  My flailing arms have earned me the nickname "Octopus" on the court.

The Dixie Brewing Company is the last of the old brewers from Louisiana and they almost didn't make it through Katrina.  Their Blackened Voodoo is a Schwarzbier is one of the last beers I tried before leaving the States.  It has a bit stronger hops profile than I usually go for.  Far from a hops-demon, though; the balanced roasty malt flavors came through while staying rather light in body.  I'd like to compare it head-to-head with Shiner Black which I remember being a bit sweeter and less hoppy.  
Photo from FoodMayhem.com


  1. I really love your basketball story. A lot. Also, Space Jam.

  2. Thanks! Also: thank you for teaching me about Melusina today.