Friday, April 8, 2011

No Budget and Shiner Black

So as of writing, it looks like the US government is going to shut down at midnight.  Which (as it stands currently) means that we (folks in the armed forces) will only be paid for this past week and nothing further.  For the Army that translates to a half check on the 15th and then nothing until a budget is signed.  After we get a budget, they will begin back-paying us.  Hopefully this will be resolved before the 12th or so, so no one will get a lean or empty check. This is not a huge deal for me personally, but not all of the guys here are the best savers and kinda live paycheck-to-paycheck. Not to mention those on tight budgets because they have kids to feed/clothe or who are deployed. Especially if their spouses have government jobs which will be suspended concurrently.  Naturally, we still have to work, though many of the civilian contractors around the base will have to stay home.

Shiner Bohemian Black Lager is the second-best seller from the Shiner family of beers and probably my favorite.  This was my first introduction to a Schwarzbier and I think I am a fan.  It's dark, roasty, and good without being thick or heavy at all.  I'd say it's similar to an old friend Yuengling’s Black and Tan, but a bit lighter and perhaps more drinkable because of it.  The packaging says it's made with "Czech Saaz and Styrian Hops."  I'm no hops connoisseur, but I like it.  I will definitely try more in this style.
p.s. No one says the "bohemian" in name, even though it's right there in the label and promo stuff online. It's simply "Shiner Black" (to contrast with "Shiner Bock").

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