Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's been... One week

I have been staying in the glamorous Economy Motel for 7 nights now.  The wiring here is very suspect, but I bought a surge protector to make sure the appliances operate consistenly. The plug the fridge was using gave out twice while Sarah was here resulting in the contents of the fridge becoming slightly warmer than the air-conditioned room.  But it's cheaper than an apartment with no lease, so that is less headache for anticipating out deployment plans.

We spent the today doing a full inventory of the Bradleys and packing up their contents.  Hopefully this is an indication that we are not taking them with us to Iraq.

Today's beverage is the Texas-only product brewed in Houston: Ziegenbock.  It's an ok light amber lager.  But pretty undistinguished so what you're really paying for is the brand story.  Which is unfortunately an Anheuser-Busch rebrand trying to muscle in on the long-standing local favorite Shiner Bock.  So it's palatable enough that I wouldn't turn it down, but nothing special and I'd rather support the Shiner Brewery.

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