Monday, April 18, 2011

Smallpox, waiting, and Glissade

Today I earned my paycheck from Uncle Sam by waiting in line from 0630-1630.  I don't have enough stripes or deployments to really complain, but suffice to say I overheard more than a few veterans remark that the medical processing didn't take this long for their prior deployments.  Within this time I spent about 15 minutes (between different lines) receiving a smallpox vaccination and getting my already-completed clinical evaluation electronically notarized.  I am especially glad that I brought a) a ziploc bag of trail mix because there was no opportunity for reprieve standing/sitting in the lines and b) my Kindle, because I was the only one from my squad processing today.  I finished one nonfiction book and the H. P. Lovecraft novella The Shunned House.

Tonight I'm sampling Sierra Nevada's Glissade golden bock.  It's light in the mouth with some easygoing bright flavors, but still a bit hoppy for me.  I'm not choking it down, but I don't get excited about each swallow either.  The internet tells me its IBU is 42, which is higher than anything I've liked previously.  Not bad, but not my style.

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