Sunday, March 1, 2015

Eleanor and Big Flats 1901

There's been months of silence around here, and I mean to rectify that. But first, allow me to introduce Eleanor Mae McPherson:

She was born by Cesarean section early last month and our lives have scarce been the same since. Sarah has been a champ throughout the whole process and I find it difficult to express my pride in her. The Army was very supportive, especially considering how long after her due date she was born. I did not have to report from when Sarah entered the Hospital until we were discharged and then began 10 consecutive days of free paternity leave to facilitate the transition to home.

I'm bringing back the Ambitious March. In March 2013 I successfully posted once a day for all 31 days, and I think it will be worthwhile to get to that level again. Articulation in text is a muscle I've allowed to atrophy, but the coming months and years may call for its exercise. I've amassed a considerable back-catalog of beers tasted, motorcycle improvements, trips, and such that I can hopefully draw on to complete the month and maybe get back into a regular writing rhythm. We'll see, I guess. I'm trying the upfront/public commitment style of self-motivation to tackle this in contrast to BC's stealth commitment of October 2013.

Big Flats 1901

This beer is here because of its price. There's no way around that fact. I would not have tried it if not for the astounding regular, non-sale price of $3.49 per 6-pack here, which is a mere 58.17 cents per can or 4.85 cents an ounce. World Brews can achieve this price point because it's only distributed through Walgreens pharmacy/general stores. BeerAdvocate says the brewer is in California, but the cans I got are labeled Rochester, NY. It pours bright straw with a finger of frosty head that dissapates down to a lingering lace. The flavor is very light, almost forgettable, but not offensive or overly carbonated and 4.5% ABV makes it easy to have several without noticing. It will leave those in the mood for bold hops or complex malts thoroughly disappointed. But in the limited realm of budget adjunct lagers, it's much better than relatively more expensive brews like Busch and Milwaukee's Best.

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