Thursday, March 5, 2015

Terminal Leave and Augustijn Blond

Today I signed out on leave from active duty. I'm not quite done with the necessary separation briefs due to limited/inflexible scheduling, but I will be completing them on my own before my contract ends.
"The Charge" - 1st Cavalry Division Association
But it means I don't have to go to PT formation at 0630. I'm no longer responsible for any equipment or other personnel. I can't be tasked out with guard duty or other inane drudgeries. It's strange to think about my active duty service coming to a close or my place in the greater legacy of the division. Despite being here for over 4 years, the name still conjures images of Vietnam. Apocalypse Now, We were Soldiers, Tropic Thunder. Perhaps with time I'll have greater perspective on the period of time and different deployments.

Eleanor Pic of the Day
Augustijn Blond

I tried this ages ago and all I wrote is "smooth 7% ABV." So... there you go. Based on that description and a general fondness in my memory, I'd get it again. But I don't think I've seen it here in Texas since that sampler pack.

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