Sunday, March 8, 2015

Grandparents Visit and Fat Tire

This weekend the newly-appointed Grandy and Grandpa Tod came down to Texas to visit their new granddaughter.

The weather hasn't been super hospitable, by Texan standards, but it's been fun to watch baby E interact with my parents. I'm really glad they were able to make this trip to see her at this fascinating age and that I am free from army obligations to spend all my time with them during the visit. It's all smiles and reminiscing (only interrupted by meals and diaper changes) around here. Also, it was fun to watch Luna go from scared/antagonistic to having new best friends to play with.

Eleanor & Grandy
Eleanor and Grandpa Tod
Fat Tire

This is quite possibly New Belgium's flagship recipe and for good reason. It's a clear-copper colored ale with lacy head. Flavor is full and refreshing with just a little hops bite in the finish. At 5.2% ABV it won't slow you down. A good pairing with lots of different meals; it'll satisfy beer snobs and macrobrew luddites alike.

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