Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Expendabelles and Westkust Troubador

Sarah and I have been fans of Sylvester Stallone's "The Expendables" since since a street promoter gave me a free t-shirt in a Pittsburgh bar. I mean, I had been intrigued by the trailer, but that sealed it. And we were not disappointed. It was pulpy, over-the-top, absurd, and fun. We've since made each  sequel a special type of date night tradition.

Cast of The Expendables 2
But they all fail the Bechdel test. Badly. Now a female-ensemble version of The Expendables is somewhere in the development process. Last week IMDb reported  Kate Beckinsale and Naomi Watts are in for "Expendabelles."

They're... ok. I was never into Underworld, but it's all action has been a juggernaut of a franchise. Watts is a good actress, but for this to succeed (and I hope it does), Stallone needs to reach way back for some actresses known for badass roles. The cast's previous resumes and audiences' recognition of them is part of the Expendables magic. To achieve that, I think there are two names he has to get on the poster: Linda Hamilton and Sigorney Weaver.

They're icons from the right era of action films and their team-up is the only thing that can compare to the original Stallone/Lundgren/Li/Schwarzenegger-type hype. Once they're on board, you have some wiggle room to round out the cast. If you'll indulge me:
Ronda Rousey was in Expendables 3, of course.
Lucy Liu has a strong action pedigree.
Grace Jones would be great to see back in an action role.
Maybe a reunion of Lucy Lawless and Renée O'Connor?

We can hope, right?

It's labeled a "Black Imperial IPA," but Beeradvocate classifies it as an American Black Ale. Tasty. similar to Great Divide's Belgian Yeti. Thick head tawny that dissipates to a half-finger. A bit more pungent on the hop profile than I normally enjoy, but the smokiness offsets it.

* Imperial IPA is one of those acronym-based redundancy missteps that bothers me the more I think about it. ATM Machine. CAC Card. PIN Number/VIN Number. HIV Virus. LCD Display.

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