Sunday, April 3, 2011

Return to Austin and a permanent decision.

We decided to go to Austin because a) Sarah wanted to see the university and b) Killeen is pretty boring and c) we have a car and can totally do things like that.  I think that town is perpetually congested with the constant events and festivals they host.  This weekend was a hotrod and classic car show on the south side of the city.  After evading that traffic snarl, we decided to walk around the UT campus.  Sarah was grumpy because there was a loud guy doing an uninspired microphone check for their pre-finals festival, but the campus itself was very pretty and green compared to much of Texas.  We ate dinner at a place just off campus called the Mellow Mushroom.  It was pretty good, though the waitress convinced us to get a bigger pizza than we really needed.

After dinner, we went to Atomic Tattoo to get my final design put on my shoulder.  Some of you may know, that this is a project I have been working on for quite a long time.  Research and redesigns for well over a year put my limited drafting training to work.  The final design is an original that takes its theme from my family clan badge with design elements from the Book of Kells while obeying the physical limits/realities of tattooing.  I am very pleased with the design (which is good, since it's rather permanent).  But enough exposition; here are some photos that Sarah took in the tattoo shop right after my artist finished up.

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  1. I heartily approve of this body modification. Looks like you're pretty happy with it too (or maybe that grin is just from the rush of being stuck with a tiny needle?)--congratulations!