Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Shoulders & Tire Bite Golden Ale

The Tattoo shoulder is healing up nicely.  Feels a bit like old, itchy sunburn.  I have been washing and Lubriderm-ing it twice a day since returning Saturday night.  It's a bit unnerving to have color and flakes come off while washing, but I've read that's normal and thus far the design is still strong and unmarred.

The other shoulder got Anthrax and Hepatitis A.  All part of our pre-deployment vaccination regimen that began early this morning.  I was unable to get my smallpox vaccine because of the aforementioned fresh tattoo, so that little joy still awaits me.

Today's beverage is Tire Bite Golden Ale from Flying Dog Brewery in Maryland. This is another instance of me disagreeing with the negative consensus reached on  Maybe this just illustrates my inexperience with the Kölsch style of beer, but I found it to be full-bodied in spite of its light appearance with nice hops and cereal flavors you almost want to chew.  It’s not thick or bitter like a stout can be and I enjoyed it.  I think this would compliment many foods very well.

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  1. My tattoo flaked like that for a while, no worries. It was really cool when it was all healed and completely smooth for the first time. :) I like these updates on your life, Kyle! Please keep writing, and I'll keep on reading all about your activities! <3

    -Steph Baker