Friday, May 27, 2011

OPSEC & Moose Drool

OPSEC stands for Operational Security.  It is essesntially the rules for what and in what manner I can talk about things related to my unit, our equipment, and our missions.  So stuff like troop strength and movement details are off-limits for this website just like procedures and equipment capabilities.  This is for our safety while in-country.  If I tell you any details about this upcoming adventure by phone, letter, or email, please don't repeat it here or on facebook.  The bad guys read the internet too.

Moose Drool Brown Ale is from the Big Sky Brewing Company out of Montana.  It's not as malty as some other brown ales like Newcastle.  I thought it tasted better cold like a lager.  Sarah didn't care for it, but this is one I'd get again.  The name comes from the amusing way the company has chosen to market their brews.  Once they're nearing completion on a new recipe, they commission a local artist to paint a wildlife or sporting portait appropriate for Montana.  The final production recipe is then named after the painting, usually with a humorous interpretation of the action or characters depicted.

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