Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de Mayo y Sol

Got up way before the sun in order to draw an M4 out of the arms room this morning.  I haven't shot an M4 since basic rifle marksmanship, but I grouped, zeroed, and qualified on my first try today.  It felt nice to get back into practice and get reasonable success right away.  I actually scored higher than my qualifying day in basic training, but not well enough to upgrade the medal on my dress uniform.  Oh well.

Part of this day at the range involved tactical march from the company to the range in full battle-rattle.  I had a full assault pack over my Improved Outer Tactical Vest (IOTV).  I have not used either for a ruck march before and it wasn't particularly comfortable.  I'm not sure which device is to blame, but I suspect it's the assault pack.  I carried way more water than I needed and there's no frame or supporting hip belt for it.  Unfortunately my nifty new Medium Rucksack with frame and hip belt is already packed away in a CONEX for Iraq.

For Cinco de Mayo please allow me to introduce you to Sol, la cerveza tan guapa.  Unfortunately, the pretty bottle design and presentation is the best thing this Mexican lager has going for it.  It's a light and drinkable lager; I liked it better than Corona, but lagging way behind the more flavorful Negra Modelo.  Still, Sol would be great on a hot day, with or without lime.

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