Sunday, May 1, 2011

Smallpox & Belhaven Scottish Stout

Smallpox vaccinations affect about 30% of recipients with 'extra' symptoms.  I managed to get soreness at the vaccination site, malaise, lymphadenopathy, myalgia, headache, chills, nausea, and fatigue.  They were the worst Monday and Tuesday evenings, but have steadily lessened since then.  Vaccination site has started to scab over and my lymphs are almost back to normal.  At least I'm getting this out of the way before arriving in Iraq.

In addition to visiting Sarah and the Kittens, I got to spend some time with my aunt, uncle, and cousin for the first time since Christmas (and probably the last time for over a year).  It was nice to just hang out and swap stories and eat prime rib and Primanti's together (separate occasions).  My aunt is the one who provided me with the past two Trappist Ales to try as well as this Belhaven Scottish Stout.

The stout is from the same folks that make Belhaven Scottish Ale and it pours remarkably light and smooth for a bottled stout.  The label mentions something about chocolatey flavoring, but I detected none of that.  Absent too was the bitter and heavy mouthfeel one can get with other stouts.  Instead, it was just a malty, roasty ale that I definitely enjoyed.  I'd love to try this on-tap somewhere to see if it improves as much as their Scottish Ale does with the nitrogen head.  Still; another winner.

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