Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Army Terms to Know Part VI

I'm pretty tired and the evening is ending fast. Here's some Acronyms!

COTS: Commercial Off-The-Shelf. Equipment that's designed and produced for non-DoD purposes.
ASAP: As Soon As Possible but also Army Substance Abuse Program
AWCP: Army Weight Control Program
RCCC: Reserve Component Career Counselor
ADSO: Additional Duty Safety Officer. Company officers and NCOs responsible for teaching various safety requirements.
BOSS: Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers. A volunary program to engage single soldiers in social activities.
CPOF: Command Post Of the Future. Fancy battlefield command tool.
RFI: Rapid Field Issue but also Request For Information
COA: Certificate of Achievement but also Course of Action
BFT: Blue Force Tracker. Fancy battlefield networking tool.
NAI: Numbered Area of Interest. A building or compound that has tactical value. Allows forces to discuss topography cogently without having to learn complex local names.
TA: Training Area but also Tuition Assistance

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