Monday, March 25, 2013

The Engine

On a motorcycle, the engine is everything. It's not like a car where the works are hidden behind a hood (or two)the physical attributes of the engine dictate frame geometry, cooling, fuel consumption, powerband, acoustics, and of course appearance. People can develop strong opinions. 

Photo from Cycle World
Above is the new Thunder Stroke 111 V-Twin made by Polaris for their re-created Indian marque. On it's own, it's a pretty gorgeous engine. I'm sure Polaris will build a big, heavy, expensive, Harley-imitating cruiser around it. It's unfortunate, but for now we can hope something better, lighter, more unique to cradle that engine and put the 111 cubic inches to work. I've assembled some inspiration:

1930 Indian Scout. Photo from
1953 Vincent engine in a 1973 Ducati frame: Vincati
Walt Siegl Harley-Davidson Shovelhead "Rivera"
Odometer: 13459

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