Sunday, March 31, 2013

Reflection and Sierra Nevada Tumbler

Happy Easter everyone; we made it.

The Penguins did too. Get better Sid.
I'm not super proud of the some of those mid-week posts, but I am proud of fulfilling the overall commitment. Here is the spreadsheet I used to plan out the month; I changed each day to gray (or orange for  motorcycle mondays) after posting. As you can see, there are still topics I didn't get to. mostly because they'd demand more thought and research than I felt I could spare. Maybe you'll see those topics sometime soon. As of tonight, 30 minutes before the Walking Dead season finale, these are the 5 most popular post I made in the last month:
  1. Schott 585 and Brooklyn Local #1
  2. Ruck March and Flat Tire
  3. Slippers and Blind Ambition
  4. Reenlistment and Unibroue Éphémère
  5. Jurassic Park and Monk's Cafe
Tumbler Autumn Brown Ale

This was a great American-style brown ale. The head lingered more than traditional brown ales, and it had a slightly higher hops profile, but I found those to be welcome improvements. It's a autumnal brew from Sierra Nevada, so unfortunately it may be quite a while before I can get it again. 

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