Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mustache & Corona Familiar

The first time I grew a mustache was at Timberlock in the Adirondacks. It wasn't deliberate; I just let my facial hairs grow for the first few weeks and when I got tired of the mountainman scruff, I shaved everything but the mustache and sideburns.

Mustache version 1.0
Since then I've had one off and on and I've noticed some things.
People who knew me before I had a mustache think I look weird with it; those who met me while I wore one think I look strange without. Sarah has been the most constant observer throughout and, while she seems to like me with lip both hidden and exposed, she definitely make more comment about my being 'handsome' when I'm clean shaven.

my icon from SBNation
Wearing the mustache in a military setting is fascinating. When I first arrived at the engineer unit, it was explicitly not not allowed. Not because it was out of regulations, but it was just too ostentatious for a new private; I was strongly encouraged to shave it. I shaved it to avoid making waves, but the legacy of showing up with it is still brought up in certain company. During and after the deployment, that attitude relaxed and no one gives me the hard-talk about shaving it so  long as I keep it trimmed. The interpersonal affects are interesting; I'm regularly called "sergeant" by mistake. People tend to think I'm older or that I've been in the army for longer than I have. And then there are the spontaneous compliments. A corporal stopped me on the street to say I have "the best mustache in the army." Which is flattering, but also a bit awkward especially during PT or when you're carrying something.

Basically it's something I have the genetic ability to do and I'm at a point in this profession where it is a greater benefit than detriment. After I shaved for Christmas, I was told by the company first sergeant and captain that I'd have to grow it back if I wanted to re-enlist. Joking, but serious.

Corona Familiar

So the 1 quart bottles of Corona labeled "Familiar" only contain the same brew as the standard Corona Extra. However, they're in brown bottles instead of clear, so you don't find them skunked as often as regular ol' 12oz clear bottles. It pours with about a finger of fizzy head that settles quickly. It doesn't taste bad, but there's not a lot to taste. Almost everyone reading this has had a Corona, so you know what I mean. And anyone who's had a skunked Corona can vouch for the benefit of brown glass. When I want a good mexican beer; I go for Negra Modelo. When I want a cheap beer, I see what's on sale or go for Pabst cans. But if I want a large bottle that light on flavor, alcohol, and price; it's hard to beat Corona Familiar.

No limes were harmed in the making of this post.

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