Friday, March 15, 2013

Left Hand Brewery

Apparently the battery warning light doesn't actually warn you of much; our Civic gave no indication before it refused to start back up in the parking lot of Indian Bistro in Killeen. I thought it was the immobilizer failing to recognize our keys, but no; it was just the original battery from 2008 finally kicking the bucket. We got a jump from the tow truck guy, the reset code from the Honda dealership, and a new 65-month battery from NTB. Overall, not the worst way to spend an afternoon, but Sarah didn't get home from Boston quite as fast as she'd planned.

Left Hand Brewery Party Pack

Stranger American Pale Ale
I think I like American and English Pale Ales better than IPAs. I'm not sure what it is; the hop flavors?  The more manageable bitterness?

Polestar Pilsner
This is a specifically German-style brew and for me that's no bueno. Continental pilsners and hefeweizens are distinctive, but I'm not a fan. I get like a cabbage flavor coming through? Kudos to the Left Hand folks for aping the Teutonic brewers so well.

Sawtooth Ale
Beer Advocate tells me this is an example of the ESB style, but it feels more malty and well-rounded to me. Bonus points for still tasting good after brushing my teeth. Definitely the highlight of the sampler.

Milk Stout
This was a normal bottle, not their nitro-bottle. The only 'extra' flavor I've gotten out of a stout or porter is vanilla; maybe my palate hasn't reached the point where I can get the milkiness. Not terrible, but nothing special for me.

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