Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hobbit and Mead

It was way back in 2011 that I put my 2nd ever batch of Mead together. The ingredients were of a higher quality than my first attempt, but it was probably subjected to more changes in temperature with all of the moving I did in those two months.

It was undeniably smoother than my first attempt summer 2010, but still retained a pickle-ly bite I couldn't get past. Adding a bit of extra honey post-fermentation and -filtration definitely helps, though. Regardless, it was strong enough and my squadmates definitely enjoyed trying it.

Much more recently, Sarah and I got some Melomel from Walker Honey Farm. The lady running the shop was helpful getting me raw beeswax, evasive when I asked about details of their mead brewing operations, and then helpful again when we decided to get a bottle of mead. Their Blackberry Melomel had won some awards and had an appealing description, so that's what we chose.

This was a good instructional drink for me, highlighting the differences between wine in mead. Mead is deceptive of course; it looks like wine, it's priced like wine, but it should be taken more like an aperitif or dessert wine than a table wine. When sipped, the sweetness and flavor is not overpowering.

Sarah and I got the Hobbit today. I can't remember if I've ever got a DVD on the day it was released before, but we both liked it.

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