Sunday, March 17, 2013

Science Of Beer and Murphy's Stout

I came upon this video the day after St. Paddy's day last year, so I've been waiting 364 days to share it with you all.

Murphy's Stout
I guess it's technically an Irish-style Stout, since the cans I got this year were brewed in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I first had Murphy's Stout at the Irish festival in Pittsburgh and taking a sip brings me right back. Climatologically, Texas in March feels about the same as September in Pittsburgh as well. These nitro-can pints give a great cascading waterfall as the stout settles. There's a thick, creamy head than lingers through the whole pint. It's almost completely black, with some mahogany colors around the edges. It's just a good-looking brew. As for the taste, it's very roasty without getting acrid, full-bodied without getting chewy or heavy. Probably my favorite nitro-can stout.


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