Friday, March 22, 2013

Star Trek & St. Ambroise Scotch ale

You may have heard I'm trying to post something everyday fro the month of March. Today I discovered that Hulu is offering every episode of every season of Star Trek for free for the remainder of the month.

If and when I struggle to pick something to write about, I suppose I can just review an episode or 2 or 693. I rewatched Encounter at Farpoint while making dinner tonight. The narrative was encumbered with the introduction of so many characters and concepts, but it's still a classic and you can see how TNG became a juggernaut.

St. Ambroise Scotch Ale

So far it's my favorite product from McAuslan Brewing. The taste was true to style with stone fruits and some smokiness. It felt lighter than other Scottish ales I've had; I didn't even feel the 7.5% ABV either. I'd definitely get this again.

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