Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Strip Search and Buffalo Butt

I'm finding that this post-a-day challenge looks significantly more difficult from a Tuesday than a Friday. So here's what I've got; you should probably check out Strip Search. It's like Top Chef or Shear Madness, but for internet cartoonists and produced by Penny Arcade. Episodes are short and succinct. Maybe it's not an art form you're familiar with, but it's entertaining to watch them work if you don't mind some internet nerdiness and vulgarity. I feel like I've been part of the webcomics audience from the beginning of the medium. Brandon Curtis and I read Penny Arcade upstairs at his parents' house when they were making jokes about Quake. I've been reading Sinfest almost as long. QC and xkcd came along in high school; Dr McNinja and Dresden Codak in college. I considered embedding example panels/pages, but a) I would disappear into their deep archives and possibly never resurface, and b) I'd be hosting their intellectual property without giving them the webtraffic. It's a fascinating medium and a difficult one to monetize.

Photo from craftbeerconnoisseur.com
Once upon a time, asked Sarah to choose the next 6-pack I'd try. She didn't hesitate when I pointed out Rahr & Sons Buffalo Butt. This is a woody, full-flavored American red ale with a thin head. Its name comes from a cowboy anecdote; apparently beer is the only thing that can make a cowboy forget the oftviewed sight of buffalo rear end. I'm incredulous since they ought to be driving cattle, not buffalo. A comfortable 4.5% ABV for watching football. While it's not bad, the name was the highlight for me. I don't know if I'll be a repeat customer, but it's certainly better than their Ugly Pug Schwartzbier.

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