Saturday, March 30, 2013

Modern Dandies and Pilsner Urquell

There is a movement gaining momentum that encourages men to dress "better." At least, it appears that way to me. Perhaps the inter-connectivity of these voices is just more visible to outsiders in the blogger/wordpress/tumblr age. Or it's possible I'm just reaching a stage in my personal/generational development where one's sartorial decisions have greater consequences.

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I am at once feeling pulled to move beyond my college-inspired, t-shirt based wardrobe and repulsed by what the high and low ends offerings of the fashion industry are telling me. The high side is browbeating or shaming folks into overspending on low-batch, boutique, and heritage goods while the low side is churning out cheaply constructed, shapeless, and under-functional garments. It feels like they're both trying to make a buck reversing cultural expectation on how and how much men should invest in their clothing. This concern beyond basic functionality is foreign and burdensome to me. I don't want to look like a schlub, but I also rile at the notion of "you mush spend XX on a non-functional item to be presentable" attitudes. I know some people revel in that; in the minutiae and creativity and honestly, good for them. Everyone needs a hobby. But I don't want to see it go mainstream, I don't want that advertising attitude to take root and compel people to spend more. On one hand I'm fortunate that most of my out-and-about time is spent in outfits designed at the Pentagon, but I also recognize this will not always be the case.

Pilsner Urquell

This is the Original Pilsner, as in from Pilsen, Czech Republic. Unfortunately, the Pilsner that started it all bears that old-world hops profile that I've never developed a palate for. Still, it's like tasting a bit of history. I'm sure the light head a super-clear body were innovative marvels at the time. Like a historical tour, once is enough; I wouldn't get it again.

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