Saturday, March 23, 2013

Schott 585 and Brooklyn Local #1

In January 2012 I made a post about my then-new Schott 585 jacket. Since then I've been wearing it a lot. It goes on every time I ride on the highway; about 300 miles a week for work plus whatever pleasure riding I get in on weekends. In addition to that protective duty, it's my go-to jacket for errands around town or going out with Sarah.

I still love the color and cut, but the antiquated design does make it hotter in the summer months than modern ventilated jackets. I would have liked to try out something like the Roland Sands Ronin or the Icon Chapter jacket, but I couldn't take a chance on those without trying them on. I'm very happy with this Schott, but it is showing some wear from the heavy use:

The arms are more weathered than the torso chiefly from riding. The torso has a measure of protection from the sun, wind, and rain thanks to the high-visibility vest Uncle Sam requires me to wear on the motorcycle. The arms also bear some cat-scratches and scuffs from leaning on brick walls.

One of my photos from last year made it to a thread on The Fedora Lounge, possibly taken from my query on Some of the Fedora Lounge folks had disparaging things to say about Schott, but I can confirm that there's no foam, plastic, or felt fused to the hide. I don't have an appropriate caliper to measure the leather thickness, but it's as-thick or thicker than anything I've come across in the motorcycle shops I frequent.

The thin lining might have taken the greatest beating. I'm sure it wasn't intended to be worn over Army uniform tops with coarse nylon and laden pockets. This tear in the right shoulder is most definitely a result of the notebooks and such I have to keep in my right shoulder pocket.

I think that whenever Sarah and I move back north I'll get it re-lined with something sturdier. Maybe flannel or fleece with those wear points reinforced. But until then, I'm still happy with the purchase, significant as it was.

Brooklyn Local #1

Photo from
I first had Brooklyn Local #1 with my dad at Kelly's Steakhouse in Boalsburg, PA many moons ago. This is not another retro-review because it is delicious and I've got it again several times since. What we have here is a Belgian-style Golden ale weighing in at 9% ABV, though the alcohol is deftly blended. I never bothered to take notes on the flavors and scents, but the brewery itself only describes it with vague description of alluring aroma, a dynamic complex of flavors. Their bottle conditioning gives it a higher internal pressure than others in the style, so be careful with the flying cork and overflowing froth. Such hazards are worth it; this is one of my all-time favorite beers and a welcome treat even on a weeknight. I drank a 22oz bottle Thursday night and still won the team relay for Company PT Friday morning.

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