Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Reenlistment and Unibroue Éphémère

Today I committed to extending my enlistment until March 27th 2015.

It wasn't a decision undertaken lightly, but this is a solid course for Sarah and me. I've been researching and considering alternatives since January and this will be good for both of our careers. My speech was unimpressive and our names were misspelled on the certificates, but I got an extra day and a half off of work.


This is an unfiltered apple brew from the fine folks as Unibroue. It's cloudy, with subtle tartness, and a strange flavor. Not bad, but not to my tastes, and certainly not apple-y. I don't know. I've tried it 3 separate times hoping I somehow remembered it wrong.

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  1. Does one say 'Congratulations' on a reenlistment? I am proud of your service to our country. Perhaps your names were spelled wrong because you haven't made it clear that 'there is no fEAr in the McPhersons.'