Saturday, March 2, 2013

Slippers and Blind Ambition

As of today, my most expensive footwear is a pair of slippers. My old Faded Glory (Walmart) moccasins were falling apart from the inside out. I wanted something similar, but ended up getting a much higher-end pair after Sarah and the saleslady's cajoling that they were "an investment." Full grain leather, rubber sole, sheepskin lining. I've been wearing them all afternoon and they're super nice, but I guess I'm still not that comfortable spending on myself, even if they'll last longer than a comparable value of Walmart slippers. Sarah told me that they're kind of in an "old-man style, so they'll be good for you forever." Well at least until we get dog.

Alchemic Ale

Retro-review: I bottled some of my second batch (Scottish ale) in the cool resealable ceramic bottle this came in, so I must have had it sometime in November. Regardless, today I found this saved as a review: 
This beer was tasty. But it looked kinda pink, which was due to the lighting in the room. Look at that bottle! Pretty cool, but maybe violent? Can't tell. Too drunk. BYE BYE
ps- Did you all know Toby is Eddie in JP II?!!!!!!!!!!??

That's how it was formatted, but I added the links. I'm pretty sure Sarah wrote at least the last part because I already knew that about Richard Schiff's career. Regardless, it was a super-special small-batch brew from Southern Star Brewing Company so I'll probably never get a chance to have it again.

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  1. haha, I think I wrote more than the end of that. I may have done the whole thing? Dunno.
    Love you!

    Also I think the slippers are more expensive than any of my footwear, too!